Data Center Luminaires

51L LED Series

Compact 2" x 2" design, DLC Listed offering 115LM/ watt, several lumen packages and mounting hanger options to choose from.

55LED Series

Louvered LED T8 fixture. Very efficient and easy to maintain. A wide variety of hanger brackets are available to ease installation.

25L/27L LED series

Single and double sided LED fixtures. Several hanger brackets to make installation quick and easy.

51 Fluorescent

Compact 2" x 2" T5 fixture, available with a variety of hanger brackets to match your  overhead framing availability.

55 Fluorescent

Louvered T8 fluorescent fixture. Easy to install, multiple circuits for three way switching, sensors and night lights.

25/27 Fluorescent

Single and double sided fluorescent fixtures. Several hanger brackets available to make installation fast and simple.