custom projects

61L Hex Custom


This was a 61L custom hexagon fixture, showcased is custom layout, finish, mounting hardware and lumen package.

32 Series Curve Job


Special based on the 32 series platform, custom curving to match the customers layout with a circle and 2 elipses and chasing lights.

32 Series Custom Miter


Another 32 series project example that came out under budget and on time!

2+2 Makeup Mirror Layout


Custom layout multi station makeup mirrors based on our 2+2 platform, we layout the lamp spacing to maximize visual appeal.

Custom from the ground up


From the ground up Airey-Thompson engineers took an idea and transformed it into a beautiful illuminated closet rod, send us your ideas!

Customize Our Standard Products


Now a standard, the 13RL started as a customer request to add USB receptacles to our under cabinet luminaires, we can modify most standard products.